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Since a couple of years our Institute for Applied Medical Engineering is working on a project to develop and evaluate a catheter system with an attached pump to treat patients with acute right heart insufficiency by assisting the blood pumping function the right ventricle. This project is in cooperation with the RWTH University Hospital - Clinic for Heart, Vessel and Thoracic Surgery (THG), the Institute for Electrical Machines (IEM) and the Institute for textile engineering (ITA).

Right heart insufficiency contributes to high mortality and is especially commonly induced after cardiac surgery, such as heart transplantation and left ventricular assist device (LVAD) implantation. Available right heart support devices are restricted to critically ill patients due to the invasive surgery. This project is to develop a minimally invasive right ventricular assist device (MIRVAD) for acute assistance of the right ventricle and thus to overcome the current device limitations.

In this project we develope and investigate the fundamental concept to allow an evaluation of the efficacy of this novel in-series operating MIRVAD. Since the system is catheter based we are currently highly interested in evaluating various types of multi-lumen tubing. The multi-lumen tube will have to incorporate a line for a purge fluid, a line for a guide wire and a wider line for the drive mechanism. This drive mechanism will initially be a bendable rotating driving shaft and will later be replaced by a small BLDC motor with only electrical wires being placed within the tube.

Schematic of the MIRVAD System (left) and preliminary lab prototypes for hydraulic investigations (right)

Several preliminary studies have already been conducated at the CVE, investigating the fundamental hydraulics of initial lab prototypes as well as the in-series pump function and its effects on the heart and the cardiovascular system.

Investigation of the impeller hydraulics using CFD simulaiont (A) and hydraulic laboratory testing (B)


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