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Individual therapies for the treatment of the diseased right heart

The aim of the project INTER-heart is to establish new forms of therapies to treat congenital heart disease and acquired diseases of the right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT). This includes the design of novel patient customized prostheses as well as the enhancement of pre-surgical planning strategies. The use of a modular construction kit for both a valved conduit to replace the diseased RVOT as well as a percutaneous heart valve for the pulmonary position allows for reducing the complexity of the design processes by using synergies.

 Percutaneous heart valve prosthesis:

The percutaneous pulmonary valve prosthesis is assembled from elements of the modular construction kit. These elements are chosen to create a prosthesis which will allow for optimal anatomical adaptation of the prosthesis. It is implantable via catheter and does not require open heart valve surgery.

 Conduit prosthesis:

Should surgical replacement of the diseased RVOT become necessary, a valved conduit can be used to restore physiological blood flow to the lungs. This often becomes necessary in young patients suffering from congenital heart diseases associated with stenosis or occlusion of the RVOT.

 Pre-surgical planning:

Patients with congenital heart disease often require surgical correction of the RVOT in multiple steps. In order to simplify surgical planning and provide physicians with capable tools to aid their surgical planning, threedimensional visualization and rapid-prototyping techniques are employed. The development steps to ensure optimal pre-surgical planning are performed in close collaboration with physicians, as their input is vital to the project.


Dr. rer. nat. Christiane Rosefort

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