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Telemetric blood pressure capsule for patients with chronic heart failure

The victorious project "Heart Capsule" of the BMBF Innovation competition 2004 has been successfully finished.

The goal was the development of a measurment system that permitsthe non-invase telemetric transmission of the PCWP and the temperature to optimise the drug therapy of patients with chronic heart failure. By project sponsoring for 2,3 years the technologies for heart capsule manufacturing has been developed. Within in vitro and in vivo studies the feasibility of minimal invasive implantation of the heart capsule in a peripheral pulmonary artery branch, the minimal invasive retraction of the capsule and the telemetric data transmission of pressure and temperature have been demonstrated for the acute case.

The most important results:

  • Manufacturing of a wedge shaped capsule-sensor-unit for a penetration far into the periphery and the closure of the artery (figure below)
  • Pressure coupling by means of a frontal diaphragm and transferring to the sensor chip over a silicone gel as pressure transmission medium
  • Development of a suitable implantation and explantation technology (access choice, insertion and retraction set)

With project process important experiences for a better therapy management of chronic heart failure has been collected. The feasibility of a telemetric pressure  measurement capsule for minimal invasive implantation and explantation has been presented. The results are promising. Therefore further system concepts will persecuted.  

Heart Capsule


Dipl.-Ing. Ute Urban

Currently in parental leave



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